Monday, August 5, 2013

Dentelle is Published!!!!!

Whoo Hoo!! Book 3 in the Guardian series, Dentelle, is published and ready to download at Amazon and Smashwords right now. Today Monday, August 5th, 2013.

Should take a couple days before it goes live at Barnes & Noble, and then a week or two for Sony or iBooks - that's how long it takes to get transferred there from Smashwords.

Thanks for waiting! Enjoy! Let me know what you think.


  1. Thank you so much, I have just started reading it.

  2. It was worth the wait! I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I do hope you decide to continue the series in the future but please don't do what you did to Jason anymore. (I don't want to be a spoiler alert so no specifics for those who haven't finished yet) I think I was keeping Kleenex in business last night when I read that part. Oh who I'm I kidding I kept the tissues by me the whole book. Please enjoy your time with your family. Thank you for writing this trilogy. I have really enjoyed it. <3

    1. Dear cshell,
      Thanks so much for letting me know what you thought! I've been anxiously waiting to hear some feedback from someone objective! Thanks for being the 1st!!! If by chance you downloaded through Amazon, will you leave a quick rating there? No one has done so yet, and it would be nice if the first one was yours. If not. No worries. Enjoy the summer and as always - Happy Reading! :)

  3. I read the first two books again and then the newest one, it was amazingly done. Loved the drama and action they faced and the senior council moments. I definitely need tissues at some spots but loved how it ended and the 3 months later. Thanks again for writing it.

    1. Hi! I'm super glad you let me know your thoughts on Dentelle and even happier that you enjoyed the book. It's been on Amazon for a week and no one has left a rating or review yet, so I was beginning to wonder... :)

      So, thank you for writing on my blog. Happy Summer and Happy Reading!

  4. Heather,

    I loved the series. I just got finished with Dentelle. Really neat plot and I enjoyed the unexpected linking at the end. I hope that once you take a much needed rest you may have the Guardians on another adventure.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Amy!

      If I wrote another book in the future, would you still want to see Lexi as the main character? Or Ash? Or Madison? Jessica? Give it some thought and let me know what you think!

      Happy Summer!

  5. I saw your freebie post on Reddit and nabbed a copy of your first book. Happily surprised to see you graduated from WWU. I live right there now and have my own fantasy novels published. Huzzah for us! Will move your book to the top of my TBR list. Congrats on your latest publication!

    1. Jasmine!
      Hey thanks a bunch! Looks like you've written quite a few books - How do you find the time???? Which one is your favorite? I'm so ready for a break from writing just so I can get some reading in! :)

      That was my first time posting on Reddit! Glad you found me. I know I'm getting old...I couldn't figure out how to change the little Reddit picture to a picture of my book cover. Jeesh!

      I'll look for you on Goodreads! I know my way around there much better! Take care, and thanks for commenting.

  6. I just finished the series... in 2 days. :P I love how we've read so many similar books and you throw them in. Hatchet and Inkheart in particular. The last book left me wondering about so many things though @_@

    First, I was left wondering if Madison and Ash are flairemates...

    .... then I can't help but wonder about the guy in the library who called Lexi "Brown Eyes". I feel like I either missed something in the story about him or there was nothing really important.

    Then there's the issue of Lexi's ancestry. I can't help but wonder about Lexi's great grandma too and what really happened to her when she stopped writing the journals...

    Plus, did we ever really find out why Lexi is the only dentelle that didn't die? If we did, I think I need to re-read. I didn't understand what made her special.

    I really wanted to find out how Jessica, Max and Madison's mom gave up her powers too... I feel like it would have been interesting to read about. <3 She gave up everything for love.

    Lastly, after you take a little break and rejuvenate... I'm dying to know what happens with Neo. I really want to see how Jason will go about hiding his abilities from the Council and the world too. It would be really interesting if you switched views between multiple characters.

    Sorry for all the rambling xD I just got so jacked up with questions after reading the last book. I probably have too many. D: but I had to get them all out.

    1. Hiya! You are curiouser and curiouser! I love it. I bet you are super detail-minded - wonder what your job is? :)

      Madison and Ash...that is still a secret! The "brown eyes" guy - just a character insert to provoke Jason into action. Lexi's ancestry...still working on all those details. Lexi is just an extremely rare individual, and no, you don't yet know why that is. I didn't explain how Madison's mom gave up her powers because if I write another book some day; I thought that might come into play and it would be better to leave you wondering. Neo - yeah, he needs to be hunted down, for sure.

      If I switched point of views in another book - which characters' perspectives would you want?

      Okay, sorry if I didn't answer too many of your questions, but if I write more books, I'll address most of them.

      Thanks a bunch for taking time to give me your input and sharing your thoughts. Super appreciate it.
      Happy Reading!

    2. Funny I had close to all the same question as you had. ☺️ I couldn't go to sleep until I finished Dentelle the second night I started the series. It is a wonderful well written series. I love to be creative and like to ponder various ways of how a story will end. I have one unanswered question to ask. How did Guardians, Amethysts, and Dentelles come to be? Oh, and answer about what everyone would like point of view wise. I would like to see the point of view alternate between characters, but if it was from one point of view I would like Lexi's, Jason's or maybe Noa's perspective.

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    4. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by to leave comments! I've been thinking about another book for the Bellingham Circle of Guardians lately....and there is sooo much to ponder. So many people have different ideas on POV - I'm almost scared to switch it up and tell the stories from other perspectives besides Lexi's. One thing's for sure, Neo has to be dealt with. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!
      sincerely, Heather
      p.s. My son stole my email address and changed the profile and it is the only one that allows me into my account. He is going to have to give it up at the end of the summer! ;)

  7. I'm actually a student. I have so many interests though but right now I'm pre-law. My love for indie writing is what made me stumble upon your story. I really appreciate the reply too :3 I always get excited when my questions get noticed. ^_^

    I'd really to see a lot of Jason's POV because I feel like it'd give his character a lot of depth. I like hearing Lexi's commentary though because she's so funny. Ash and Madison's viewpoints would be fun to read purely because I find their relationship so hilarious. I even kind of find myself wanting to hear Jessica's point of view. However, I feel like hers would be kind of boring because I am not fond of her love interest. I know he's an amethyst... but I just can't find his character interesting in the least.

    I also noticed you were reading City of Bones. I was wondering if your council took the same viewpoint as theirs does on homosexuality. Since the council wants more guardians and amethysts, it made me wonder how they would feel about gay guardians and amethysts. You don't have to answer if you haven't explored that realm of your story. It just made me curious. :p

    1. Oh! I almost was going to ask if you were a student, too! Pre-law, perfect! And I'm not surprised! :)

      I agree w/ you - Jason's POV would definitely give more depth and insight into his character. From a writing perspective, I think Ash and Madison would be the most fun. I'll admit it, I'm partial to Ash. Even though, Lexi and Jason belong together, I still love Ash! He and Madison crack me up, too. :)

      I'm only on the 2nd book, City of Ashes, so I didn't even realize, yet, there is a council in that series. Honestly, I hadn't considered how the Guardian Senior Council would view homosexuality only because it hasn't been a factor as of yet.

      The hardest part about writing a fantasy trilogy is deciding which of the whys, whats, and hows need to be answered. Like with Mrs. Zimmerman - I don't know if that chapter with her letter was totally necessary. I mean, an editor would probably have told me to omit it. But I liked the closure w/ her character and being able to learn a little bit about her past.

      Okay, so couple questions for you. Are you writing also? And are you a Kindle or Nook person? :)

      Talk again!

    2. I'm writing bits and pieces but haven't started a story that really connects. I want to write something where I really fall in love with my characters. I'm too much of a perfectionist, which has been my biggest challenge. I start a story and then I start over from scratch when I don't think it's good enough.

      I'm definitely a Kindle person. I did buy a Nook but I ended up always going back to my kindle. I think amazon is just more convenient to me. I wish they had a better borrowing and lending system though like the Nook does. I realized I didn't have anyone to really borrow with though since all my friends have Kindles.

    3. Awesome! Well, good luck with your writings - something will hit you one day and inspire a character or lots of characters you just want to write about! :)

      I have a Nook but am so ready for a Kindle, because like you said, it is so convenient and so easy to search for books by genre, rating, etc. In the beginning, you couldn't borrow books from the library with a Kindle, so I bought a Nook, but now that you can - I am ready for one. Putting it on my wish list! :)

      Thanks for chatting. It's been lots of fun. If you ever get a free moment and wouldn't mind, would you leave a quick rating for "Dentelle" on Amazon. I'd super appreciate it.

      Enjoy the rest of your summer! And, if you come across any super stellar reads, send a recommendation my way!
      Happy Summer! :)

  8. I'm going to be honest i never planned on reading this series but saw that the first book was free and said why not i read the first 2 books in a week and dantelle in 1 day I'm hooked i know your taking some needed time off i think the adventure of lexi and Jason should continue

  9. Dear Melissa,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series. My husband keeps bugging me, too, telling me he's ready for book four. So, we'll see what the future holds. Thanks a bunch for reading Lexi's story. Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Suzanne,
      Thanks so much for leaving your original message. I see that you've removed it. But I wanted to respond and tell you how much I appreciate your input! I've been crazy working for 2 weeks since school started and barely have had time to make dinner! :)

      I love all your questions and ideas for another book. It's nice to know what you as a reader still want to know more about - gives me lots to think about!
      Thanks again for your comments! :0

  11. When is the next book coming???????!???????

    1. My husband keeps telling me I HAVE to write a book 4. I must admit I am still undecided. When I make up my mind for sure, I promise to let you know! :) I can honestly say I have not started it or thought about it yet. I've been spending time with the family, reading, and now researching scholarships for when my son graduates from high school in a couple years. That is like a full-time job! Happy holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I love your amythest series. I got the 1st book on Amazon for free and fell in love with it. I was super excited Jason And Lexi ended up flair mates. Can't wait for the next book to come out. I would love to hear Jason's view but I have to agree with everyone else Ash and Madison with be a funny story. So that brings me to another point why nor start another series with them And thier adventures love some feed back and will five toy a 5 star. Ps the the immortal instrument series is a good read.

    1. Hi Chandra! Thanks for commenting! That's funny you should mention it, but I was considering (if I should continue with the Guardian series) taking off from Ash and Madison's POV's and maybe switching back and forth. I don't's difficult to think about switching when I've always written from Lexi's POV. Hmmmm. So much to think about and so little time. Happy Holidays to you! I'm having 35 people here for Christmas, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. No time to even think about writing at this point. Happy Reading!

  13. I hate typeing on my phone I meant to say will give you a 5 star rating lol

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  15. RE-enter comment!

    Heather: I really love the Guardian series. Normally, I am not really that hot on stories that are told from the viewpoint of the main character, but I have very much enjoyed "Amethyst" & "Linked". Linked was so intense, that I had to put it down a couple of times for a couple of months, before I was able to pick it up again & finish it! Am really looking forward to reading DENTELLE. Just a quick question: I think I know, but what exactly is a "dentelle"? Have all 3 of the Guardian series on my NOOK Simple Touch, & can't wait to read DENTELLE! (You don't have to be a young reader to enjoy these. I am a 59 y/o male & I love them!)

    1. Bill, you are awesome! Thanks for being the 1st man to comment on my blog. My husband has read the books and is now reading fantasy and some YA. I don't think we should ever say we're too old for enjoying anything in life!

      So, in the Guardian series, a Dentelle is someone who is a combination of a Guardian and an Amethyst; they have the ability to have premonitions, but they can also heal others. BUT Dentelle's are extremely rare, and in all of Guardian history, when it comes time for a Dentelle to link with another Guardian, they die. Maybe Lexi is that exception.

      On a side note, I chose the word Dentelle, because the Bois Dentelle trees are found high in the cloud forest of the island of Mauritius on a hill called the Piton Grand Bassin... and that is the only place they are found. There are only two of them left in nature. I thought they were amazing and decided "Dentelle" was perfect.

      Happy Holidays! Thanks for commenting.
      Sincerely, Heather

  16. Heather, this trilogy is 3 of the best books I have read in a long time. As soon as I was finished reading Amethyst, I was so enthralled that, I immediately went to Amazon's website and downloaded Linked and Dentelle. I read them straight through stopping only to eat and sleep. I could not put them down. Your writing is masterful, enthralling, gut wrenching, page turning, engaging, and fantastic. I really hope you decide to continue this series. I would love to see Neo captured and explore Jason and Alex/Lexi having children and whether they would have their parent's power. I admire your "flair for writing.

    1. Dear Renee,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words! After reading a couple 2 star reviews posted this last week, your message lifted my spirits again!

      I do think about writing another book...continuing Jason and Lexi's story, and Ash and Madison. I'm toying around with another idea for a book series at the moment, but Lexi and the Guardians are never far from my thoughts. Besides, it would be fun to expand on all those relationships.

      Thanks for taking the time to send me a note! I super appreciate the feedback. Happy New Year! Hope you find lots of good reads in 2014. I'm working on Marie Lui's Legend series right now. Kind of a dystopian world along the lines of the Divergent series. I just hope the 3rd book ends better than Allegiant did!!

      Happy reading!

  17. Loved this series and can't wait to read up on anything else you can make whether it is an addition to the trilogy, or just a couple of short stories to put icing on the literary cake.

    Particular things I loved about the books were the setting descriptions, plot transitions, memorable characters, and your unique ability, Heather, to write powerful scenes which will surely stay with me for awhile.

    As for relating to the story, I like that you use notable songs, brands, and especially BOOKS. I for one like the Hatchet, 1984, The Mortal Instruments, and the Lord of the Rings.

    Also, this may not have been your intended purpose but after your extensive descriptions of the beautiful Bellingham Bay and surrounding cascades I find myself wanting to make a trip their someday.


    If I had to criticize anything it would be the events that lead up to the climax/revelations. I mean, a car crash, a train incident, a burning building, and a bank robbery are all fairly easy-to-think-of events. (and this is just the first book)

    One thing that I think would have made the book better would be an edition to the second book. I would have made Lexi less susceptible at the News Year's Party to Jason and although it was a powerful scene, I would have liked to see Jason have to work to get Lexi back over an extended period o time. Not just swoop in and get the girl in 1 night. What are your thoughts on this?

    Overall, one of the best series I've read, keep up the good work Heather.

    - Mason

    1. Wow, Mason! Love all the comments! Yes, Bellingham Bay is incredible. Wish I really did have a boat and could cruise and explore the San Juan Islands all summer long. Funny thing, after all the research I did online for Acadia National Park so I could start "Dentelle" off there, I'm dying to visit there. I'm thinking future family vacation, for sure. Would love to hike up and witness the sunrise and see if it is anything like how I described it. :)

      I always wonder how many of the books I mention will spark memories with readers - of course, the connections can only be made if you've read those books, but I think it's kind of fun.

      Agreed. The events that lead up to the climax are totally easy-to-think-of. Actually, with so many paranormal elements and just general craziness happening throughout the book, I wanted the events to be everyday, normal tragedies. Maybe also, my brain just needed a hiatus from creative thinking because everything else required intense imagination - which truly is not my strength. :)

      Yes, I suppose Lexi should have made Jason work a little harder to get back in her good graces. BUT, true love can be so overwhelmingly and blinding, and you just don't think straight all the time. It's like logic does not exist - just emotion and need.

      Thanks again for taking time to comment on my blog. Super appreciate the feedback. Good for the heart to hear positive feedback, especially after someone leaves a 1 star review on Amazon for "Amethyst" and calls it garbage. Sigh! Just gotta remember to take everything in stride. :)

      Happy Reading!

  18. My 18 yr old daughter just finished this series and declared it her favorite series ever...and that saying something. She is a huge reader. Good job and thanks for the great read!!

  19. A few weeks ago I read Amethyst, loved it and felt compelled to read Linked and Dentelle soon after. Finished Dentelle today and glad to say the series was great all the way through. It's ironic that having studied crystal therapy is what led me to download Amethyst in the first place! I'd say you have a pretty amazing "flair" of your own and that is writing good books - I'm looking forward to see what you do next.

    1. Dear Einstein,
      Thanks for the comments. Always love to hear reader's thoughts, especially when they just stumble onto the series. Crystal therapy sounds fascinating....I've always thought Amethysts were beautiful and finally talked my husband into getting me a pair of earrings as well. I rarely get, maybe, just maybe it's my amethysts! :) So glad you enjoyed the books. I have a few more ideas for a couple different series, but we'll see if I ever get there.

  20. I just finished the last book and it was amazing.

    I also just sent you an email as well.

    Dear Heather Bowhy,

    I just finished the three books of the Guardian Series on my kindle. I enjoyed the first book Amethyst so much that I bought Linked and Dentelle after reading the first few chapters of the first book. I have finished all three books sighing a 3 or 4 day period. (I read a lot. Lol!)

    I am writing to say that I really enjoyed all three books and am excited to hear you may be writing more. I would love to be on the mailing list or be edged to any new books as well please. I find your descriptive writing very enjoyable and was "on the edge of my seat" for every page. I got many odd looks from my husband from laughing aloud or scowling at certain parts. He know how animated I get while reading.
    I am disabled and spend all my time either crocheting or reading, or both at the same time. Haha! That took some learning to do. I can't wait to read any new books as well as other series. Keep up the amazing work. Reading your books was like a breath of fresh air for me.
    Thank you for your wonderful books.

  21. Okay so I had to comment again. I don't know why but for some reason I just have this weird feeling in the back of my mind (you know those feelings like Lexi gets that makes her just know something that gives her the tingles) that Lexi is something much more than just a Dentelle. I just have this odd feeling that she is something much more rare than an actual Dentelle. Much more than the rarity of Dentelles linking I know that may sound super weird but hey I am an odd person anyway and I let my mind explore the vast land of imagination.

    I agree that a story with Ash and Madison need to really explore each other. They are so funny and are perfect for each other. Now for Jason's point of view would be awesome but I feel I know him even without his point of view. Madison was very forthcoming with info on that part. I really just love Alex's POV. It's very descriptive and funny. I agree that expiration into her grandmas last is needed though. I agree that Neo needs to be hunted down and pay for the horror that he's caused. I do have to say though that I would love to see children in Alex's and Jason's future (with a few winding roads of course) I loved the closure with Ms. Zimmerman it brought tears and giggle to my eyes. I also fell in love with Ava Rose myself. Okay I know I am babbling. I tend to do that.

    Enjoy your family time and I have to say I agree with your hubby about another book.
    I agree with you though that the trees are breathtaking.
    Have a great day.

  22. Loved the Guardian series! I read all three book in 5 days! Please keep the story going! I think Lexi's POV is ideal...

    I actually read the first one because the Amethyst is my favorite stone, and my birth stone. (side note: Loved the engagement ring our heroine received...mine is an amethyst with dismonds on the sides ;-)

    I also enjoyed your beautiful descriptions of the san juans! My sister used to be a naturalist that tracked the orca pods. She's in Mt Vernon, and I now live in Puyallup....

    Cant wait for the next installment !

    Alison B

    1. PS . Ive also spent lots of time in Maine (my inlaws are near Augusta), and although I havent been to Acadia N.P., I do know that ME is gorgeous, like you described... you would love it out there.

    2. Hi Alison,
      Thanks for stopping by. I'm super glad you enjoyed the series. I was just recently thinking about a book 4 and then was asked to interview and apply for a leave replacement 1 year position as an elementary school librarian. Would you believe I got the job?, book 4 is on stand-by as I try to prepare for a year of teaching K-5 students. Crazy!

      That is awesome that your sister tracked the Orca pods.
      What a fun job. Way back when, I worked for a while at the Puyallup Top Foods store and I grew up in Tacoma, so I'm really familiar with the area. Puyallup is a nice place. Hoping to make it down to the Fair this year.

      Appreciate your comments. Your ring sounds beautiful! Happy Reading! I know this shows up as from Dawson, but it's really me. My son stole this email account and I have to get it back from him! :)
      thanks, Heather

  23. Hi Dowson,
    Happy that you released a new book. Please keep update from your new eBook

  24. Hi Heather-I wrote to you onFB as I was reading your series. But you must have your account privacy settings set up as I used to, where there needs to be a connection. Anyway, instead of wring it all out again, I'm just gonna copy and paste. I really loved it btw �� Robin Murphy
    And it goes....

    Hi Heather- I just wanted to send quick(or not so quick) message to you.
    So I just started your Amethyst book. I knew nothing about it just that at some point I had downloaded it onto my reader along w/ a ton of others.
    So I'm reading it and it says something about Fairhaven, which sounded SUPER familiar but I couldn't place it. And then a bit later Bellingham is brought up and then "ding!" I remember.
    So, I grew up in Mt Vernon, still have friends & family all over in that area and now live in Montana. Anyway, I am SUPER excited to be reading about my old stomping grounds and was telling my hubby all about this cool book I'm reading and how it's about the PNW bla bla bla.
    And then I get introduced to Kai(my sons name is Kaio) and is brother Noa(my other sons name? Yup! Noah!) I just nearly knocked my hubby out tripping over that one!
    Anyway, I'm only on page 94 but I'm totally enjoying it. I am an avid reader, nothing else to do here �� But I do love my paranormal romances. It's my freak flag which I proudly wave.
    I'll send you a truly quick message after I'm finished to let you know what I thought.
    Just wanted to share the weird connection that are your characters!

    2nd message:

    Just finished it- absolutely loved it �� Just got Linked. Thx so much for Sharing your talent and giving me, and others so much enjoyment!


    3rd book they end up in Montana which is where I live now. Just bizarre right?

    And Ava Roses's foster mom..... Robyn?!!

  25. Dear Robin,
    Thanks so much for the message! I can't believe how many names in the Guardian Trilogy are so similar to the names of your family members and the places too. I'm really glad you enjoyed the series...seems like forever ago that I wrote it. I've been working on a book series with my brother...mostly it is his endeavor, but I'm in rewrite and editing mode for him, and that takes all my extra time. Sometimes I think about writing a 4th book in my series, because I do miss Lexi, Jason, and Ash from time to time!:) That's awesome that you live in Montana - the state is soooo beautiful! We went to Glacier National Park for our honeymoon ages ago! Plus, my husband is an elk hunter and used to go there with his brother and dad for hunting trips before they passed away. (Not that he ever gets an elk, but he loves just being out in the woods)!

    Our family actually took a trip to Maine this summer because I wanted to see if Acadia National Park was all I'd written it up to be in the 3rd book - and it was! So beautiful - loved every minute of it, especially exploring Cadillac Mt. and watching the sunrise just as the characters in my book had done.

    I looked for you on Facebook, but there are a lot of Robin Murphy's. So, if you ever feel like it, send me a friend request, and I'll definitely accept! Would love to see some of your pics of Montana and your boys! Take care and thanks so much for contacting me. Love, love, love to hear from readers! ~Heather

  26. Are you writing a fourth book? I really hope so 😊

  27. Some day I really hope to do so! I am cowriting a series with my brother right now and teaching 3rd grade. Crazy busy! Thanks for commenting...super appreciate it.